Modular Wall Systems

Modular wall systems are a wonderful solution for storing and displaying items in a master bedroom, great room, living room, home office, children's room, actually any room. Modular systems are prefabricated in our factory and then installed in your home. One of the benefits is the ability to move them as requirements change. They are structurally sound. Once you have lived with one of my wall systems, you will be living with organization, really good use of space and maximizing your space, all accomplished with very beautiful cabinetry and custom finishes based on your environment and your wishes.

Storage may include:

  • TV and Electronics
  • Books
  • Art objects
  • Photographs
  • CD, tapes, DVD's
  • Drawers and files
  • Closet modular systems

Our modular wall systems, are fabricated in the factory. The delivery and installation of the modular systems in your home is more expedient and cleaner because much of the fabrication is done in our factory.

Office Modular Systems

Each component of your modular office system will be constructed for your particular space. This is beneficial as all your specific needs will be accommodated in your particular space. The modular systems are structurally sound, organized, and smart.

Modular Storage System

Our modular storage systems can be created in a tiny niche or a very large space like an attic, basement or garage. The key is to have an appropriate inventory of items to be stored, with their specific measurements. With that information, gathered by myself and staff, we can design and provide favorable storage solutions. Again, you can feel assured that our modular systems will be structurally sound and effective.

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